A common vision to satisfy the needs of customers worldwide motivates the skilled professionals at CARE to make new ideas work and to deliver and market innovative products. CARE’s customers get complete back-up support and the confidence of companies Quality assurance.



The main mission of care medical is to become the world class contractor in the field of Loading, Unloading, Shifting, Erection, Dismantling, , Civil work, Road Construction, Fabrication and in other Engineering works.

cares mission is the expansion of its contracting activities by adopting efficient and effective works techniques. Thus, from above all , we can say that care had a very bright future in all walks of life.


The success of the company all these years has been marked by constant Research and Development and adherence to the stringent quality requirements of the Indian Standards.

Focus of the company on quality and research and development is so high that the promoter, personally visits various customers regularly to assess the effectiveness of the R&D and Quality. Consistent R&D has lead to the creation of new products and have also ensured improvements in the existing products.